Upcoming Free Informative Dinners & Health Seminars

presented by Dr Ken Patterson

“Stress, Hormones, and Health”

January 8 | 6-8pm

TOPIC: “Stress, Hormones, and Health” Seminar
presented by Dr. Ken Patterson, MD
TIME: Jan 8, 2019 6-8pm
LOCATION: Beehive Restaurant – 442 Cedar St, Abilene
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Discover the true cause of BELLY FAT, fatigue, and frustrating symptoms.

You will learn how Hormone Imbalances can affect your sleep cycles, carbohydrate cravings, and fat burning – Why “Counting Calories” doesn’t work with belly fat – Learn the Biggest Mistake that people make with Exercise that prevents weight loss WHAT REALLY WORKS for permanent loss of belly fat and bulges. Safely. Healthfully! (Yes, this is for you men, too!)

“Stop Losing Your Mind”

January 16th | 6-8pm

TOPIC: “Stop Losing Your Mind” – Brain/Memory Seminar
presented by Dr. Ken Patterson, MD
TIME: January 16th, 2019 6-8pm
LOCATION: Natural Food Restaurant – 2534 S 7th St, Abilene
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An American Tragedy with Frightening Consequences!

Learn How to Exceed the Medical “Standard of Care” for Diabetes – Understand that standard drug protocols create spillover stress on your body and emotions; including long-term complications.

Discover the approach used by an ever-growing number of practicing physicians that allows you to take control of your health! At the heart of it all, diabetes appears to be a disease of nutrition.

“Type-2 Diabetes & Nutrition”

TBA | 6-8pm

TOPIC: “Type-2 Diabetes & Nutrition”
presented by Dr. Ken Patterson, MD
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Come join us for a free gourmet dinner and hear Dr. Patterson’s presentation, “STOP Losing Your Mind!”. Do you or someone you care about suffer from Brain Fog, Memory Loss, the early signs of Cognitive Decline, perhaps Alzheimer’s? Dr. Patterson will be sharing the latest research, discussing what it suggests for reducing risks, preventing, slowing, stopping, and for some, reversing the signs of brain loss.

Come learn what you can do to make a difference for yourself or someone you care about.

Come learn what you can do to make a difference for yourself or someone you care about. A Free gourmet meal will be served.

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No children please. Childcare is not available.
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