Success Stories

“As an athletic performance coach in the NFL for 23 years I have worked alongside of many doctors. In my opinion, the difference between a good doctor and a great one is the personal interest they take in their patients and co workers.

Dr. Ken takes a holistic and caring approach with each of his patients. It is this ability and skill of the doctor not only to diagnose and prescribe treatment for an illness, but to assist individuals in their own wellness journey that makes the difference. Dr. Patterson is interested in helping and prescribing protocols for each individual he works with to prevent illness. This is another type of health insurance that is viable. It is preventative medicine. Empowering individuals to be stewards of their own health and wellness is what Dr. Patterson is all about.”

AK Johnston – Coach – San Diego Chargers

“I’m turning 60 in Feb so I had already been thru the menopause stuff but felt like age was creeping up on me and not feeling my perky self. Kind of blah feeling and I wanted to see if I could feel better.

I’ve just had my 3rd pellet inserted. I found out today that my bad fat has been reduced some and I have lost 10 pounds. Very happy about that. The first pellet is a rush BAMMM you feel it all very strong. Sex drive in full mode . Energy was back and my brain was like alive again. I could focus get tasks done and stay ahead of my daily demands. Another big change was I could fall asleep instantly and wake up without an alarm. My hair was falling out before pellets and it is starting to thicken up and have some body again. My skin is very dry and now my make up just slides on . My skin feels soft and moist. It may be in my mind but I feel like my skin looks younger and not so harsh and dry looking. If you want to vamp up your desire in the bedroom this pellet will cure that. I felt sexier all day and my mind and body was ready…… The 2nd pellet the rush was not as strong. I still noticed these good things but not as strong as the first time. I just got my 3rd one today so I’ll have to report later on what the 3rd one is like.

I do know these pellets can enhance you life and give you back the vitality you had when you were younger. Its a great feeling to not have blah days anymore but always feel up and eager and alive. That is the main difference you feel. You are more alert, more alive, happier, more focused. You feel like exercising and feel like being social and feel like having sex. Its a upper on life and I love it…

I highly recommend the Wellness Center and Dr Patterson . He can enhance your life on many levels and you can live the life you want to live.”

R.H. – Happy Pellet Girl – Abilene, TX

M.W. – Abilene, TX

“Dr. Patterson has helped my health so much already and I’ve only been in the program for two weeks. No other doctor was able to help me. I have more energy and am happier than I’ve ever been. I would recommend this program and Dr. Patterson to anyone who wants to feel better or who is having problems that other doctors can’t figure out.”

K.S. – Abilene, TX

“I came to Restore Wellness with cautious hope and a desperate desire to feel better. Many years of standard medical care and multiple years of dealing with my physical struggle on my own had left me jaded. The advent of functional wellness caught my attention and I had been reading and searching for a practitioner for several years. I was delighted to hear we had a clinic in Abilene.

Fast forward to today: I’m in the beginning days of week 4 of Detox. I began the program with pain in my joints and discomfort in my digestive track. The pain dominated my life choices and movements. Without exaggeration…I am 90% pain free. I am sleeping 7-8 hours a night. My strength is returning and my joints are much more mobile. My goal didn’t involve weight loss but I am pleased by the 10lbs lost and the change in the composition of my body. It has been worth the struggle and the cost. I highly recommend this program. I am so thankful!”

G.F. – Abilene, TX

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