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Announcing GAINSWave for Men

We are pleased to announce the revolutionary GAINSWave for Men is now available to the Big Country. Dr. Ken Patterson is certified to provide this breakthrough procedure. It has become common knowledge that as men age, their performance in the bedroom declines. For some, expensive prescription pills or painful injections become the new norm… Not any longer! GAINSWave is a pill free, pain free alternative to existing therapies. With over 40 Medical Studies and a 15 year track record, the treatment uses low intensity, high frequency waves to break up micro plaques, restoring function, sensitivity, and performance for many. A treatment session takes about 15-20 minutes, with no downtime. Some patients notice an improvement the day of their first treatment. Others get the best result with 6-12 treatment sessions, depending on the severity of their dysfunction.

Please call and schedule a free consultation with a Men’s Health Adviser today. 325-704-5069

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