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Happiness – why it’s part of being healthy

At Restore Wellness Centre, we strive to help people have the best future health. Your health in the future is not determined by genes, luck, medicines or any other random thing. Your future health is largely determined by your lifestyle, and this is in your control. One of the things that we can control is the determination to be happy.  Being happy helps short-circuit negative cycles in our brain. These stress-induced negative cycles torpedo good health!

Can I really just decide to be happy?

Yes!  But, like all other lifestyle factors you become happy by taking a series of actions, some of which will change your moods.  What are these actions?

S- Smile– Smiles are not just the result of happiness, but can be part of the cause. Make yourself smile and science proves it will lift your mood.  Have a good laugh, read a joke, or just smile-you’ll be better for it.  Also, Shut off technology (the little dopamine surges that you get from checking messages and email constantly sabotage real happiness) and Sing (both listening to music and making your own music activate pleasure centers in the brain helping us tend toward a happier mood)

M -Mind your mind – Self talk -Silence your inner critic – we’re not striving for perfection but happiness.  Don’t take yourself so seriously.  Quiet your mind with meditation

I – Invest in Hope – Set your mind on having hope for a better future for your body and your life.  Give yourself hope and act on it.  Moving in the right direction will elevate your mood.

L -Live for others – Serve others – relationships are vital, especially when you  can be of service or help to others. Asking yourself what you can do for others is immensely more joyful than trying to get them to do something for you

E- Exercise – Activates endorphins which generate good feelings. It also helps  our hope

Sunshine – Get outside.  Snack –a  healthy high-protein snack in midday can lift your spirits.  Or  a small square of 70 to 80% dark chocolate is excellent.

Smell – citrus odors either fruit for essential oils have been shown to lift spirits

Flowers – science says they make us happier

Nutrition-  eat a good diet including lots of greens

So, SMILE and be happier and healthier

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