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Thriving – Keep Moving [Forward]


Keep Moving [Forward]

Part 4 in a series by Ken Patterson, MD

[If you  missed Part 1, Start Here; Part 2; Part 3]


Exercise -What Can You Do When All the Gyms Are Closed
By Ken Patterson, MD

So, you finally became convinced that exercise was essential for your future health and you started exercising. In fact, you exercised with such regularity and persistence over a period of time that you developed a new good health habit. And then the coronavirus came, and the gyms closed! And then, your new good health habit crashed!

But all is not lost! There are many ways of not only maintaining an exercise habit, but also of increasing your range of exercise options for the future. This is a great opportunity to overcome this annoyance, to continue good exercise habit and to increase the variety of exercise options that you have in the future.

So, first few words about why you should exercise. The extensive nerdy list of all the benefits of exercise is covered elsewhere. What you need to remember right now is that exercise benefits your: stamina, metabolism, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, memory, risk of heart disease, risk of dementia, sense of well-being, glucose metabolism, cholesterol metabolism, mood and last but not least, the enjoyment of sex. Why wouldn’t you want to make time to exercise?

There are so many websites, programs and apps available that you are certain to find exactly what you need with only a little bit of effort.

Peloton – Offering Free programs for 30 days via Mobile App. Can be screen shared to a TV.
App Programs – App is somewhat interactive. Large on-demand library.
Cycling (Any resistance exercise bike should work)
Strength – Bodyweight and/or minimal equipment
Meditation (Traditional)
Running (Treadmill)
Outdoor – Audio Only programs for Walking / Running outside
Walking (Treadmill)

Beachbody @beachbody – makers of DVD programs for more than a decade. They have an on-demand library.
$39 for 3 months, 14 day trial.
Popular programs include Power90, P90X, etc. More than 1100 classes in over 60 programs.
Some classes need no equipment, some need more equipment like dumbbells, resistance bands, etc.

Online, Mobile Apps, Roku/AppleTV, etc
They do promote of their own shakes/supplements…

The Nike Training Club app comes highly recommended.

Down Dog.. free app for yoga, HIIT, Barre and 7 min workout ..

Resistance band training is a great way to both replace the weights that you are used to pushing, and to give you more options in the future. A lot of the resistance bands are sold out, but search Amazon for sellers that have high ratings and a lot of sales and you can still find them.

To help you get started we are offering a health coaching session at half-price. For $25 we’ll help you review these options and discuss other important actions to take to help you get on the path to wellness. While we’re on the subject of wellness: How is your diet? How are you handling stress these days? Are you taking the action that you should be for the future healthier you?!

Call the office today at 325-704-5069 to schedule your half price health coaching session today.

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