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Tom Brady – Sustained Peak Performance

Brady is playing for his record-breaking sixth Super Bowl win on Sunday February 3rd. No other quarterback has won more than four. It would be an amazing feat for a 41-year-old who, as the Post notes, was considered stocky and slow and picked in the sixth round of the draft but who is now considered […]

Happiness – why it’s part of being healthy

At Restore Wellness Centre, we strive to help people have the best future health. Your health in the future is not determined by genes, luck, medicines or any other random thing. Your future health is largely determined by your lifestyle, and this is in your control. One of the things that we can control is […]

Eight Steps for Healthy Goals

E I G H T   S T E P S   F O R   H E A L T H Y   G O A L S By Katee Ice It’s the season of resolutions and lifestyle changes – the new year! If you are like so many others, this is that dreaded time when you make […]

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