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Two Leading-Edge Treatment Options Now Available in the Big Country

Hello friends and family!  We’ve been busy here at Restore Wellness Centre, both providing state-of-the-art wellness services and exploring new services that we can use to improve the health and health prospects of West Texans.  This is what our mission is all about: through incorporation of both time-honored knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to assist Abilene and West Texas residents […]

Announcing GAINSWave for Men

We are pleased to announce the revolutionary GAINSWave for Men is now available to the Big Country. Dr. Ken Patterson is certified to provide this breakthrough procedure. It has become common knowledge that as men age, their performance in the bedroom declines. For some, expensive prescription pills or painful injections become the new norm… Not […]

Talk To Friends and Family

Are you searching for a family doctor?  Today, I want to give you a tip on finding the right doctor for you. It may be helpful to talk to family and friends about who they are currently utilizing for general health care. Ask them questions about the doctor’s experience and treatment of patients, and if […]

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